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Bhumi B. Patel | pateldanceworks

somewhere better than here/nowhere better than here

Grief is a place, though you can’t find its exact location until you are there. When you are there, you know because the whole world is empty. There’s a certain truth the geography of grief feelings. There are more truths. Like, the truth is, I will not die without you. The truth is, I am terrible at titles and worse at endings. The truth is, however radical the love is, it will sink. The truth is, there is somewhere better than here and nowhere better than here. The truth is that this is a dance born of grief, constructed by love, and is more about journey than destination. Bhumi B Patel will premiere “somewhere better than here/nowhere better than here,” exploring the impacts of grief on the body and the importance of kinesthetic grief processing, where grief is the process of psychological, social, and somatic reactions to the perception of loss for her MFA Thesis concert. The dance takes place in four parts, reflective of a system of grief processing called the tasks of mourning. Each part explores a different facet of the grief process – pain, anger, emotional relocation, and adjustment. Further, Patel is using her experiences with sensation-based movement language Gaga, to explore the individual grief processes of each of the dancers and will allow that to shape the performance of the piece. For Patel, this work comes from a history of grief experiences at both the individual and national levels and the need to include the body in the healing process. This work will premiered at Lisser Theater at Mills College on March 16-17, 2017.

somewhere better than here/nowhere better than here, 2017 // image © Zackary Forcum

Premiere Date: March 16, 2017 at Mills College

Choreographer: Bhumi B. Patel

Original Cast:  Sarah Escobedo, Rachel Hocking, Cylie, Kindvall, Chelsea Ortiz, Bhumi B. Patel, Marion Reader, Jordan Wanderer, and Yang Yang
Music: Joshua Bennett, Alice Boman, Ludovico Einaudi, Johann Johannsson, and Riceboy Sleeps
Lighting Design: Hamilton Gullien
Costumes: Bhumi B. Patel
Program Note: ​The last thing he ever taught me is that healing is the not the ability to accept that someone is gone, it's being so moved by them you cannot help but go forward.​

somewhere better than here/nowhere better than here, 2017 // image © Zackary Forcum