Bhumi B. Patel | pateldanceworks

Premiere Date: June 16, 2018 Premiered as part of SAFEhouse Arts and the National Queer Arts Festival

Choreographer: Bhumi B. Patel

Original Cast:  Bhumi B. Patel

Text: Bhumi B. Patel
Sonic Composition: Book of Love
Lighting Design: Colin Johnson
Costumes: Bhumi B. Patel

Like most femmes who are cis women, I contend with femme invisibility. Even in queer communities, femmes are often invalidated or overlooked. My queerness has been diminished and joked about by other queer people, which instills a level of self-doubt. Am I queer enough? Can I speak about being queer if I'm not seen as queer?

Femmephobia represents a rejection of the notion that anything about being feminine is beautiful, valuable, or strong. While it has been argued that femininity only exists to please the male gaze, this theory fails in this context when one asks if this also applies to feminine men.

It doesn’t further the cause of equality. It divides us and sets us against one another and diminishes the value of others in the community.

So this is for femmes, folks might mistake us for “just girls” when they see our makeup and our fashions, but we are guerrilla warriors, fighting undercover in the war to save women from the continuing campaign to make us irrelevant fluff.


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