Bhumi B. Patel | pateldanceworks

Artistic Statement

I create multidisciplinary, queer, feminist movement art that holds the focus of creating movement at the intersection of embodied philosophy and dynamic sensation taking precedence over stagnant form. It is through the experiences of injury that I have grounded my choreographic work in the exploration of pain, grief, body memory, and awareness. My choreographic work holds the focus of listening to individual bodies in conversation with the assemblage of identities that each dancer embodies. The body holds memories and for me, movement is a series of embodied investigations in listening.

Continuing to learn myself as a dance artist informs the research-based, thematic content of my dance-making. When I generate movement, I strive to challenge the way that diverse bodies can co-habitate space and cooperate kinesthetically. I don't choreograph a corps de ballet where replication takes priority. Instead, I coach dancers into the same movement intention, and nourish the nuances of how they can move and use physical contact to inform and challenge the way their bodies. My intention in creating art is to open channels to the humane and to open channels of communication.

Having done fieldwork in our dance heritage through my MA in American Dance Studies, I am invested in what historical reconstruction adds to the greater landscape of dance history. More than the physicalization of historical movement, I want to restage works as well as provide this historical contextual foundation for a deeper understanding of the movement.

I am in constant evolution in making dances and understanding the use of movement as a means for connection, communication, and exploration. Making art is my way of coping with the world at the moment. It is through dance that there is hope to speak clearly about the things I care so deeply about.