Bhumi B. Patel / pateldanceworks

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Bhumi has presented her research on Anna Sokolow's Rooms at the 2016 SDHS/CORD Conference at Pomona College. Further, she presented her paper, “In A Flash: The Dance Flash Mob Phenomena,” at the American College Dance Festival Southeast Regional Conference and at FSU's School of Dance Research in Progress Forum in 2013. She presented her paper, “Anna Sokolow’s Rooms: A Case Study of Dystopic Americana Synthesizing Historical Research, Movement Analysis, and Restaging from Labanotation Score" at FSU's School of Dance Research in Progress Forum in 2014, curated by Dr. Jen Atkins. 

While at Florida State University, Bhumi taught Contemporary Dance and Pilates Reformer. At Mills College, she taught Introduction to Movement, Labanotation, and was the Teaching Assistant for Undergraduate Thesis Writing. 

Having done fieldwork in our dance heritage, she is invested in what historical reconstruction adds to the greater landscape of dance history. More than the physicalization of historical movement, she wants to restage works as well as provide this historical contextual foundation for a deeper understanding of the movement. In addition to her work with historical preservation and Labanotation, choreographically, Bhumi is influenced by other choreographers, her own experience with injury and physical challenges, and her knowledge of dance history to find new ways to move and develop her voice and identity as a dance artist.

Bhumi's choreographic work holds the focus of listening to individual bodies and in conversation with the assemblage of identities that she embodies and has been presented at SAFEhouse Arts and as part of RAWdance's Concept Series in San Francisco. Bhumi creates choreographic work for both stage and screen. She has performed in works created by Shinichi Iova-Koga, Sheldon Smith, Kara Davis, and Sofia Cordova. Bhumi is a performer with Cat Call Choir.

Bhumi's background in the field spans technique, choreography, history, and preservation. She has worked on historical reconstructions as a dancer, restager, and rehearsal director. Bhumi earned her Elementary and Intermediate Certifications in Labanotation with Bridget Roosa and Patty Phillips respectively. She is beginning the process of earning her Advanced Certification.

​She has performed Doris Humphery’s Shakers, Charles Wiedman’s Lynchtown, Donald McKayle’s Rainbow Etude, Helen Tamiris’ Negro Spirituals, Anna Sokolow's Rooms and Kaddish, and Ruth St. Denis’ Incense. She has researched and restaged Marius Petipa’s La Bayadere – Kingdom of the Shades Variation and Aurora – Act I Variation, Clay Taliaferro’s Falling Off the Back Porch, and Kurt Jooss’ The Green Table.​ 

Bhumi B. Patel is a dancer, choreographer, administrator, educator, writer, and historian. She earned a Master of Fine Arts from Mills College and a Master of Arts in American Dance Studies from Florida State University’s School of Dance in the College of Visual Arts, Theatre, and Dance in 2014. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance and English Literature – Creative Writing from Agnes Scott College. ​In 2017, Bhumi founded pateldanceworks, a queer, feminist dance company. Bhumi was selected as a 2018 Fellow with the Emerging Arts Professionals and as a Lead Artist with SAFEhouse Arts in San Francisco. She is currently the Program Coordinator with Hope Mohr Dance, Administrative Assistant for Nancy Karp and Dancers, and teaches with the Youth Program at Shawl Anderson Dance Center.